The Case for Software As A Service

Getting a Solution NOW

Selecting and deploying a business application is never straightforward. The time devoted to installing, migrating, testing and deploying can be substantial,  even when the project goes smoothly.

Incorporating the Latest Features

Having cutting-edge features pre-implemented in your business applications, for example mobile support and social media connectivity, doesn’t just make work more fun, it makes work more efficient and workers more productive.

Bullet-proof Security - out of the Box

You can have confidence that Private Apps has already made the necessary investments to ensure the integrity of its business applications. This includes the physical security at its Australian data centre facilities and the logical security that’s embedded in every layer of the technology.

Ensuring the Flexibility to Grow

Private Apps business applications make it far easier to maintain flexibility because it’s easier to get new users up and running, turn on modules or components that weren’t part of your original deployment.

Cutting Your Application Costs

Not only does the subscription pricing model used by Private Apps allow more flexibility in terms of licensing than traditional approaches, but Private Apps takes on responsibility for the costs of the hardware infrastructure and security.

Private Apps Subscription

Your existing, on-premise, software deployments are likely to have onerous management costs and represent a heightened business risk due to the need of investment in expensive professional IT resources.


Distribute your content around the world so it’s closer to your visitors (speeding up your site).


Get insight into all of your website’s traffic including threats and search engine crawlers.


PrivateApps delivers reliable, scalable, and cost-effective computing resources on which to host your applications.